Founded in 1884 in Switzerland, HANRO has created luxurious, naturally elegant and comfortable basics for over 130 years. Described as the world’s finest lingerie brand, it was founded by Albert Handschin with a vision of understated luxury, and functional pieces for the modern woman.

From this point on, HANRO has enjoyed a rich and vibrant history. Worn by Marilyn Monroe in A Seven Year Itch and Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut, the intimate apparel brand has become synonymous with good taste and quality. HANRO’s overall philosophy encourages the consumer to buy less, and only the best. This is demonstrated through the use of high quality materials, exquisite designs, and the implementation of new production techniques such as seamless knitting and soft mercerisation. HANRO aims for passion, perfection and precision in every step of the process.

The brand claims that you should be able to feel true luxury on your skin—the determining factor lying in both the quality of the design and the feel of the materials. Their range includes a plateau of classics: from the spaghetti strap V-neck tops to cotton seamless briefs to elegant slips. Not to be caught up in history, HANRO are very much pioneers of the modern with their newest loungewear collections. They have perfected elegant basics to wear as both underwear and outerwear.

Browsing the HANRO range at THE ICONIC, you will see the distinctive quality of Swiss embroidery and French lace, and other emblematic touches that sets HANRO aside from the rest.