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Create an instant aura of beautiful fragrance in any room of your home with a room spray or mist. THE ICONIC offers a curated selection of room sprays and mists online, making it easier than ever to bring the power of scent into your space.

A room spray or mist is a great choice for home fragrance, allowing you to control the frequency and intensity of the scent as you desire. Simply choose your favourite fragrance notes and spritz into the air, allowing a beautiful scent to permeate every corner of the room. Browse a range of beloved brands like Aesop and L’Occitane for premium scents bottled into convenient spray dispensers, allowing you to extend your beauty routine beyond the body and into your surroundings.

For a room spray that works simultaneously as a wellness essential, look to our range of room mists from Australian brand SENSORI+. The brand offers their signature Air Detoxifying Mist, a refreshing room spray with a water-based formula for optimum olfactory comfort. Infused with the brand’s ChlorosPURE® formula, the Air Detoxifying Mist works to help decompose harmful airborne toxins while neutralising odours instead of simply masking the problem. With invigorating scents inspired by native ingredients, SENSORI+ proves that the humble room spray can be a premium and effective addition to your overall wellness routine.

For the latest in home fragrance online, browse a range of room sprays and mists at THE ICONIC.

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