Soothing Serums

A perfect addition to your AM and PM beauty routine, the soothing serums offered by our online selection contain powerful and concentrated amounts of active ingredients. Designed to nourish your skin and relax your mind so you can seize the day or wind-down for the night, serums have the added benefit of feeling great on your skin alongside the myriad of skincare benefits. Known to be even more hydrating than cream and milk moisturisers, serums are thin-viscosity products that your skin absorbs quicker compared to heavier-weight formulas. Their light preparations make them better suited to those with sensitive, acne-prone, aged, or oily skin types. Apply to your face after cleansing and before layering with moisturiser, masks, or recovery creams to maximise the benefits.

For dry and sensitive complexions, including reactive or inflammatory skin, look to serums like endota’s