Wellness Tools

Supplement your wellness journey with the latest wellness tools for women. THE ICONIC Beauty offers an ever-growing assortment of women’s wellness tools, accessories and essentials, ensuring your at-home spa experience is second to none.

Tap into the time-honoured practice of gua sha with our range of gua sha crystals and tools. A technique used in traditional Chinese medicine (which may date back as far as 618-907 AD!), gua sha is a therapeutic practice wherein a tool is ‘scraped’ across the skin’s surface to help stimulate blood flow, encourage lymphatic drainage and relieve muscle tension. When used in conjunction with a face serum or oil, the practice of gua sha may have myriad beauty and wellness benefits. Salt by Hendrix offers a variety of gua sha stones, available in rose quartz (the love stone, said to help usher compassion and love), and jade (chosen for its ‘healing’, protective and prosperous properties). Whether you subscribe to the spiritual side or are simply looking to supplement your beauty routine, our range of gua sha tools is the perfect place to start.

Crystal facial rollers are in the same wellness family as gua sha, designed to assist in lymphatic drainage through massaging the face. These dual-ended wellness tools are often designed to be used across the face and eye area, and may assist with alleviating puffiness and brightening your complexion thanks to the increase in blood circulation.

Create the ultimate at-home spa experience with our range of wellness tools, which includes crystals, mood lamps and more. Harness energies and align your chakras with a selection of crystals and crystal kits from brands like Wicks & Stones and Conscious Calendar Co. Look to spa favourite Endota for a range of sleep masks, soothing wheat bags and protein shakers to supplement your 24/7 wellness routine.

With an ever-growing selection of wellness tools from leading brands online, THE ICONIC Beauty is the perfect place to start your wellness journey.