The Ordinary

With a front-running contemporary presence in the beauty scene and a clinical approach to skincare, The Ordinary celebrates transparent communication and integrity in its most humble form. A line under DECIEM, the Toronto-based portfolio of brands focused on advanced functional beauty, The Ordinary pioneers honesty with product labels that never keep their formulas, ingredients, or processes opaque. Their motto—”clinical formulations with integrity”—distinguishes them as a brand that takes the fight against stagnancy, confusing pricing strategies, and dishonest marketing seriously.

All products from The Ordinary, and indeed, the wider DECIEM umbrella, are free of parabens, sulphates, animal oils, mercury, and other harmful chemicals/toxins. All described in detail for even the least scientific of customers, the formulas combine a comprehensive array of complexes that target specific skin concerns. Whether you’re worried about acne, dry skin, textural irregularities, enlarged pores, or signs of ageing, The Ordinary has a high-strength and concentrated formula to help alleviate the condition. From cleansers and masques to pipette serums and argan oils, the minimalist and careful packaging make these products a dream to receive as gifts.

Find out why The Ordinary’s impact on the beauty landscape is, in fact, far from ordinary. With express shipping across Australia and New Zealand, THE ICONIC is proud to stock such a curated collection of innovative and effective skincare products.