Ultra Violette

Two beauty industry alumni, Ava Matthews and Bec Jefferd, meticulously worked for more than two years to bring SPF brand Ultra Violette to fruition. The brand politely considers the interplay between sunscreen and other skincare and makeup products people use simultaneously. The label has since grown into a multi-million dollar business—a testament to the quality and success of Ultra Violette.

UV rays are the single biggest cause of premature skin ageing, over genes, pollution and smoking, and the brand draws emphatic inspiration from this fact with their staunch belief that sunscreen should be championed as the ultimate anti-ageing product on the market. Matthew states: "It’s about future-proofing your face from the daily toll of UV rays".

Ultra Violette products can be thought of as "skinscreen": a purposeful merging of skincare and sunscreen. Free from parabens, oxybenzone, cruelty and any trace of sticky white grease, Ultra Violette's range feel more like cosmetic products that nourish the skin.

Ultra Violette's skinscreen products protect from the whole solar spectrum, inclusive of UVA + UVB, infrared, blue, visible light and pollution, while maintaining a luminising and lightweight serum-feel that moisturises your skin. The label's range of products will slip seamlessly into your daily skincare routine, betwixt moisturiser and foundation.

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