Body Mist

Lavish yourself with the care and attention you deserve by indulging in THE ICONIC’s generous collection of decadent body mists. Whether you are seeking a product for aromatic purposes or to promote skin hydration, THE ICONIC has thoughtfully cultivated an offering worthy of your ultimate self-care ritual. With a resolved emphasis on sustainability, each and every spray bottle has been carefully selected in order to promote the eco-production of all your bathroom products.

For a line of body mists designed to provide an all-in-one solution, Australia’s own Salt by Hendrix mists can be sprayed on the body and face and conveniently applied wet or dry. Favouring all things organic, Salt by Hendrix body mists favour the hydration properties of ingredients such as aloe vera and rose oil. For a line of body mists renowned for their ability to encourage skin recovery, Endota’s considered offering is second to none. Famed for their soothing, signature magnesium-rich mist, this beloved product is deserving of a post-workout spritz or a way to release muscular tension during a massage.

Regardless of its intended use, our wide-ranging selection of cruelty-free and vegan-based body mists is sure to provide a luxurious addition to everyone’s self-care routine.

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