Triumph & Disaster

Founded in 2013 by New Zealand international cricket team player Dion Nash, Triumph & Disaster respects nature and utilises science to create effective goods of ritual and sensory experiences to savour. Drawing brand name inspiration from a line in Rudyard Kipling's poem If, Nash's label champions the value of rituals and preparation for healthy skin and hair.

Native ingredients from the forests of New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific form the base of Triumph & Disaster's grooming products, with each item packed with scientifically-proven natural actives and plenty of rock & roll character. NZ indigenous ingredients, including Horopito oil and Pong fern extract, are interspersed with globally-sourced natural ingredients like clay, Jojoba extract and Tamanu oil to create exemplary skincare products.

From almond, rosehip oil and oat bran soap bars, to night creams packed with collagen- and elastin-promoting ingredients, there is a Triumph & Disaster product to fill any ritualistic spot in your skincare repertoire. The brand's hair products mirror the same ethos as their arsenal of skin and body products, with hair wax made from blends of beeswax and Argan oil and texturising sea salt sprays.

Lend your skin and hair the respect it deserves with a range of scrubs, toners, moisturisers, wax, deodorants and cleansers by shopping THE ICONIC's cherry-picked selection of Triumph & Disaster's bespoke products.